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Picavi: We are pick-by-vision.

If you need to improve your intralogistics operations, we have the right solution for you!

We are the only company to have successfully implemented pick-by-vision in a whole range of systems. Our solution is ready to use and tailored precisely to your needs to achieve maximum value. With Picavi smart glasses, you can make your business ready for the future!

Increased Productivity
Reduced Error Rate
Quick Initial Training

Why Picavi?

Pick-by-vision has never been implemented more successfully than by Picavi. Picavi provides everything for a perfect ecosystem. Software, smart glasses and Picavi Power Control work in perfect harmony. The result is a much faster and more reliable material flow. The solution’s ease of use is every worker’s dream come true.

We count on long term customer relationships and are always there to support you – 24/7.

Increased productivity

Quicker. Faster.

Every pick in sight, for every task at hand.

Reduced error rate

Information at first sight.

The smart glasses as a personal assistant. Optimal routes for flawless picking.

Quick initial training

Your virtual assistant.

Technology meets natural movement.

Are you ready to maximize productivity, quality and profitability of your logistics?

Talk to our experts now.

Over 95 Customers

After every new installation we are proud to have one more happy customer. We use the word innovation for a very good reason: Picavi provides an efficient, ready-to-use system that, thanks to modern technology, works reliably. Team composition and warehouse size are no barrier, we make your perfect solution a reality!

Check it out!

Pick-by-vision –
Future-ready order picking

If you want to integrate pick-by-vision into your operations and need expert advice, Picavi is the only option.

A team of software developers and consultants who live for innovation Picavi is driven by a team of software developers and consultants who live for innovation. We have made improving processes in intralogistics our mission. How? In the best possible way with pick-by-vision! We give you everything you need for a sophisticated ecosystem,
from precisely coordinated software and smart glasses to our Picavi Power Control. These elements combine to deliver a faster and above all more reliable material flow than is possible with order picking technology like pick-by-voice or pick-by-light. With us as your partner, you too can revolutionize your operations with pick-by-vision.

Picavi smart glasses: intelligent wearable technology

Picavi smart glasses are the piece of innovative wearable tech for your intralogistics operations. They are the personal picking assistant for your staff, enabling precise, zero-fatigue order picking while keeping both hands free. Quick to learn and easy to use, your team will soon come to love working with them.
Our smart glasses can also be used to easily scan all 1D and 2D barcodes, removing the need for bulky barcode scanners. We use a Bluetooth ring scanner to make the system even more ergonomic. This consigns the strain of bending down or stretching to scan difficult-to-reach barcodes to the past.

Revolutionizing logistics with smart glasses from Picavi

Picavi smart glasses are the order picking technology of the future. They are the ideal tool for any business that wants to whip its logistics processes into shape. Even better, getting up and running with Picavi could not be easier. You don’t need to restructure your warehouse and you can connect the smart glasses to any existing ERP or warehouse management system.
Countless companies are already using Picavi in their logistics operations and benefiting from our unique support services. As a full-service provider, we don’t just give our customers the smart glasses, but are on hand to help 24/7.

Say goodbye to outdated order picking methods and invest in your future!

Minimal error rates, increased productivity and happy employees: these are just some of the benefits that your business can enjoy with Picavi smart glasses as you wave goodbye to outdated, inefficient picking methods. If you too want to revolutionize order picking in your warehouse, get in touch to organize an initial consultation.
Call us on +49 24 07 55 29 6 – 0 or send us an email. Are you not sure if Picavi is the right solution for the challenges you face? No problem. As an experienced order picking system provider with many years of expertise, we can discuss your needs and find the right solution. Get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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