Future-ready order picking

Picavi Pick-by-Vision

Future-ready order picking

80% of the information we receive comes through our eyes. This fact is the key to one of the most significant developments in intralogistics.

Picavi pick-by-vision is the perfect symbiosis of modern technology and natural movements. The system uses smart glasses for visual guidance, enabling highly flexible work free of fatigue. It has proven itself in both intralogistics and industry.

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You want to take your processes to a new level?

We are here to help you with that!
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Wearables for your intralogistics

We offer pick-by-vision smart glasses and individually tailored accessories to create your perfect logistics process. Whether you need external power supply for the smart glasses via Picavi Power Control or additional hardware like Bluetooth scanners, we are your partner for a complete pick-by-vision solution.

Find out everything about our wearables for your logistics here.

Picavi Cockpit

Our business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit is the control center for your logistics. The integrated mobile device management (MDM) lets you manage your inventory of smart glasses. The analytics feature in Picavi Cockpit uncovers hidden potential for improving picking in the warehouse infrastructure.

Finally, the intuitive communications tool elevates communication between the control center and workers to a new level.

Learn more about Picavi Cockpit here.

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IT connection

Picavi pick-by-vision is available as both an on-premise and a cloud solution. The IT connection is very simple. We connect our solution to all ERP and WMS systems via a direct standard interface. Our smart IT then transmits all important information to your order pickers and communicates with the higher-level system.

Here are all the details on Picavi’s IT connection.

The Picavi ecosystem

For efficient material flow

We offer a complete ecosystem that is perfectly aligned with the demands and needs of people and machines. This includes wearables (e.g. smart glasses and Bluetooth scanners) as well as our user-friendly software and IT solutions. You too can benefit from an economical and efficient material flow. With countless successful applications, the positive results can be seen in numbers and the satisfied smiles of employees.

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Picavi in three steps:

How pick-by-vision works

Implementing Picavi has never been easier for businesses and their staff:

  • Universal connection to the warehouse management or ERP system
  • Requires no reconstruction measures in the warehouse
  • Intuitive and user-friendly operation means short familiarization period
  • Remote installation possible
  • Comfortable smart glasses lead to high acceptance
  • Smooth transition from paper-based picking lists to a mobile display
  • Combines the benefits of pick-by-voice and pick-by-light
The picker logs into the system at the start of their shift by scanning their personal barcode or QR code. Picavi then transmits the first order to their smart glasses. The smart glasses’ user-friendly interface gives the picker an overview of all the important information in real time, while keeping their hands free to pick up the goods.
Picavi guides them to the storage locations, where they scan the barcode with the integrated barcode scanner. This confirms the pick without the need for a hand scanner or a paper list. In order to ensure efficient order processing, Picavi is constantly connected with the respective ERP or WMS.
Picavi continuously communicates with the warehouse management or ERP system. All processing statuses, shortages and production fluctuations are recorded immediately, and supply chain management is optimized. This makes it possible to respond to deviations in real time.
It also ensures seamless traceability. Workers and companies can track all goods movements at any time – from receipt to dispatch. Unique barcodes mean they can be tracked from production all the way to the customer.

Our expertise

For your perfect Picavi pick-by-vision project

Look into the future. By choosing Picavi, you are opting for an effective and turnkey pick-by-vision system. We offer real added value for your company:

  • Minimal training time
  • More efficient processes in the warehouse
  • Minimal error rates
  • 100% acceptance by your employees
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Kick-off workshop for your pick-by-vision project

Since every company has its own specific requirements, we are used to customization. During workshops, we work with the customer to determine their requirements. These then form the basis for a turnkey solution. Alongside evaluating your process, we also perform a detailed ROI analysis. Together with you, we select the appropriate solution and the components to be used.

Personal contact partner


We are there for you! Your personal project manager, together with the entire Picavi team, has many aces up their sleeves. They are dedicated to bringing a breath of fresh air into your warehouse. They take over the control and monitoring of the entire project. This includes the first kick-off, the go-live, the performance evaluation and the roll-out of further processes and locations. Together with you, we transform existing potential into maximum efficiency. Even once the system is up and running, we are always at your disposal and respond promptly to your concerns.

Your personal development team

We assign a team of developers for your project right from the kick-off meeting. The team makes customizations directly and ensures that the pick-by-vision solution is tailored precisely to your requirements.

24/7 support: service around the clock

Enjoy expert support at truly any time. Regular updates, precise maintenance and prompt support ensure smooth picking processes. In addition to our on-site service, our service technicians can also help you remotely. Our remote support approach lets us solve many problems quickly and easily. The only difference is that we do not need to be on site ourselves.

You want to take your processes to a new level?

We are here to help you with that!

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