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Order picking: IT-friendly pick-by-vision connection

IT solutions for order picking

User-friendly IT connection with pick-by-vision

What orders are pending? What is the next pick? And where are the right items located? All this information must be displayed in the right order on the pick-by-vision glasses. To ensure this, the software behind it has to be linked. With Picavi, connecting our pick-by-vision solution to ERP or warehouse management systems is simple. We make integration a breeze with our streamlined connection Picavi Pure.

“The cooperation with Picavi was so successful that we were able to go live with the smart glasses within 7 weeks.”

Klosterfrau Berlin

Picavi Pure

Connecting the warehouse

Picavi Pure allows pick-by-vision order picking to be integrated into any warehouse in an instant. It is connected simply and directly to the on-site ERP or warehouse management system. No middleware, no proprietary server and no hosting.

Picavi creates an interface between the smart glasses and the software environment in the warehouse using ready-made communication modules. The software uses these modules to communicate in two steps. It first requests route-optimized picking lists, before sending feedback to the software after the picking orders have been processed.

What makes Picavi Pure special is the way it is so quick to set up. The order picking system remains flexible even during operation, allowing you to restructure the warehouse or change processes easily.

IT-friendly interface to warehouse management and ERP systems

Picavi exchanges data with the warehouse management or ERP system that manages the inventory. An interface is set up to enable smooth data transfer between the systems in real time. Any existing interfaces to picking systems already implemented by the manufacturer of the WMS are usually compatible with Picavi pick-by-vision. We have already set up Picavi interfaces for many versions of leading warehouse management systems like SAP WM/EW. These can be easily adapted to the specific application.

Complete solution with IT connection to Picavi Cockpit

We also provide you with a full IT package for your complete pick-by-vision system. Our new business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit can be easily connected to the existing IT infrastructure. The smart glasses then communicate with both Picavi Cockpit and your warehouse management system. This lets you take warehouse performance to a new level.

Here are just some of the features and benefits of Picavi Cockpit:

  • Integrated mobile device management
  • Remote installation
  • Smart data Analytics function for increasing productivity with process data

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