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Wearables for logistics

We have the right wearable for every application. Combined with our smart pick-by-vision technology, Picavi is your one-stop shop for logistics solutions. This allows you to ensure a continuous and economical flow of materials in your warehouse. Our pick-by-vision solution for logistics combines the advantages of all other picking methods. Using our smart technology, your pickers can keep their hands free and have all the important information they need in front of their eyes.

Picavi Heastart Set: Datenbrille, externer Akku, ProGlove Handscanner, User Interface Pick-by-Vision

How do smart glasses and wearables help in logistics operations?

Picavi makes using smart glasses in order picking practical. How? The glasses project a virtual transparent display in front of one eye. Known as assisted reality, this system allows the picker to see both the projection and the warehouse environment. People take in 80% of all information through their eyes. Thanks to the smart glasses, pickers can view all the important information, while being guided visually through the process.

Thanks to the integrated voice control, employees can control the entire picking process with their voice. Quantity corrections or similar processes can be performed in a time-efficient way. The user has both hands free, allowing them to concentrate on their main task.

Here’s another advantage: when paired with our business intelligence solution Picavi Cockpit, pick-by-vision allows you to use the data generated during picking. The unique thing about this is the way it breaks down the picking process into its individual parts. The information generated can then be analyzed to uncover hidden potential in the warehouse.

Wearables in logistics: the personal assistants for your workers

As an innovative partner, we offer you different models of smart glasses and wearables, which we then flexibly adapt to your needs. Over the years, we have built up our expertise and have tailored Picavi to be perfectly compatible with smart glasses using the Android operating system and WLAN interface. Close and intensive partnerships with leading manufacturers enable a comprehensive selection of ergonomic wearables for logistics that boost performance in your supply chain. We are an official partner of all leading manufacturers of smart glasses like Google and Vuzix. This means we are independent and offer you maximum future security. All you need is area-wide WLAN for wearable computing in the warehouse. We take care of the integration into your existing systems.

Picavi Wearables

Smart glasses models

Glass Enterprise Edition

Glass Enterprise Edition with frame

Vuzix M400

Picavi Power Control

Battery and control element in one

The internal batteries of all available models of smart glasses reach their limits after two or three hours, especially with a large number of scans. To make sure your devices keep going, the Picavi Power Control supplies them with sufficient energy. Even at high pick density, the Picavi Power Control offers sufficient power for at least an entire shift. Unlike conventional power banks, it is optimally designed for the conditions in production and warehouses. It is light with a robust case and features a strain-relieved cable with screwable industrial connector.

With its ergonomic buttons, it also serves as an alternative, intuitive control element for the smart glasses. It ensures uniform operation when using different models of smart glasses in a warehouse. The batteries are charged in a sturdy, four-bay charging station developed by Picavi.

Picavi Heastart Set: Datenbrille, externer Akku, ProGlove Handscanner, User Interface Pick-by-Vision

Pick-by-vision smart glasses with practical Bluetooth barcode scanner

Picavi offers lightweight, Bluetooth-enabled scanners mounted on a ring or the back of the hand. A specially developed interface easily connects the Bluetooth scanners with our Picavi smart glasses. This removes the need to carry a bulky handheld scanner, keeping the order picker’s hands free at all times and making it easier to carry heavy items. All barcodes can be scanned ergonomically. 

Our pick-by-vision technology
is linked to these Bluetooth
barcode scanners

MARK 2 Basic

General Scan

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