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Picavi Cockpit

The business intelligence solution for your logistics

Picavi Cockpit is the business intelligence solution within our Picavi ecosystem. It allows pick-by-vision picking to reach its full potential. The software integrates mobile device management (MDM) and the comprehensive smart data Analytics function. In addition to managing and administrating your inventory of smart glasses, it transforms big data into smart data. Find out why Picavi Cockpit is valuable for your logistics in more ways than one.

Mobile Device Management

A constant overview of your smart glasses inventory

Mobile device management in Picavi Cockpit lets you economically control and manage your smart glasses. This makes it easy to ensure they are working correctly. With our one-scan setup, we have made adding new glasses to the inventory even easier. You can start the configuration just by scanning a barcode. The glasses are then ready for use after just a few steps.

Wireless updates for the smart glasses


With Picavi Cockpit, updates are installed over-the-air. This reduces support costs without compromising on safety standards.

Remote installation: commissioning from a distance

Mobile device management makes it possible to set up smart glasses remotely. The glasses are connected to the respective location via Picavi Cockpit. There is a dedicated function for this purpose in the MDM, which connects the smart glasses to Picavi Cockpit and the on-site WLAN.

Screencast for improved employee productivity

The screencast function enables modern training for your new employees. All the information the user sees on the smart glasses is projected onto a screen in real time. This way, you can easily illustrate all necessary work steps to new colleagues. 


Analytics: boost performance with process data

The smart data Analytics function lets you use the process data generated during order picking. This gives you a constant overview of all important KPIs, which you can then use to find areas for improvement in your logistics. The solid database created in this process forms the foundations for changes to the technical infrastructure and the item arrangement in the warehouse.

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The advantages at a glance:

Pick-by-vision meets smart data: we have summarized all the information on this topic in a recent Vision Guide. In it, you will learn how you can increase your warehouse performance with your process data from picking.

The most important questions and answers about the Analytics feature in Picavi Cockpit:

The pick-by-vision smart glasses are fitted with sensors that record process parameters. Picavi Cockpit analyzes these in real time. In addition, it is possible to perform a detailed analysis of the various process steps (setup times, transport times, pick times, etc.).

Picavi Cockpit allows customer-specific KPIs like picks per hour or location to be recorded in real time. They are monitored in user-friendly dashboards and heat maps. Alongside this, Picavi Cockpit can perform an ABC analysis to identify potential areas for optimization. A WiFi heat map also reveals weak points in the WLAN connection.

Let’s get one thing clear first of all: optimizing your warehouse processes with smart data is not about monitoring the performance of individual employees. Instead, the focus is on improving process performance and discovering areas for improvement. Therefore, we collect and process the data in your company anonymously. The individual process parameters are then displayed as an average value for all team members.

The main advantage of Picavi Cockpit over ERP or warehouse management systems is that the process analysis in the warehouse is carried out at the level of the smallest action steps. This is decisive when it comes to truly transforming warehouse processes.


Remote support with push notifications

We were the first provider to extend voice messages to pick-by-vision. Important messages can be exchanged between the control station and the worker directly during operation. The remote support function enables your warehouse staff to communicate contactlessly, bidirectionally and individually. In addition to text messages, users can also send voice messages directly to the control station via the microphone integrated in the smart glasses.

The advantages of push notifications at a glance:

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