29. November 2022

Your productivity depends on your staff

The logistics sector is going digital and the Covid-19 pandemic is accelerating this trend. That is the result of a new study by the German Logistics Association (BVL). In order to further increase their resilience, logistics firms are doubling down on digitizing their businesses.

Cover Survey: Employees are the key success factor for productivity

According to a recent study conducted by ProGlove, 76% of warehouse managers know that employees are a top priority for maintaining or improving productivity in the warehouse. At the same time, 74% of respondents are worried about maintaining their warehouse performance in the future. Exhaustion and fatigue among increasingly in demand staff are cited as key challenges in the warehouse. This may be why many companies tend to focus on automation, cost reduction and KPIs, while the needs of employees often come second. This is a grave mistake: health, ergonomics and well-being of employees must take priority in order to improve workflows and warehouse infrastructure.

Companies that prioritize their human resources to increase productivity gain a decisive edge over their competition in the contest for skilled workers. A well-equipped and satisfied workforce achieves performs significantly better. Assistance systems play a decisive role in this: They support staff cognitively, help increase performance and minimize errors. In pick-by-vision picking, for example, the user interface of the data glasses always provides the employee with context-dependent information that is relevant for the respective work step. This reduces errors and noticeably slows down fatigue.

The use of smart glasses provides warehouse managers with even more opportunities to optimize processes. The sensors in the smart glasses can be used to collect data during the workday. This data can then be used to optimize walking routes or the arrangement of goods in the warehouse. Long distances to fast-moving items can be cut, and the number of bending and stretching movements is minimized – this is not only good for the employees, but also reduces costs at the same time.

We have compiled many more tips on how you can improve ergonomics in the warehouse for your employees in our Picavi Vision Guide “Cognitive Ergonomics“.

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