14. September 2022

Why every employee in the warehouse should wear a smart glass

Higher, faster, further – the motto that drives athletes to peak performance levels is also relevant in logistics. Faster deliveries are in high demand due to the ever-increasing share of online orders. Employees are being pushed to their limits to meet these higher volume requirements. One thing is clear: Workers deserve a technology system that not only aids them with the work they need to do, but is also motivating to work with.

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Work in logistics has always been physically demanding: frequent bending, long walking distances throughout the work day, handling heavy products and ever-increasing performance pressures. All of these factors can have a negative impact on employees’ performance, and their motivation suffers. More and more logistics companies are having problems meeting the high demand for labor. Many are increasingly relying on automation technology in the warehouse, while it is not yet an option for others due to inadequate volumes and/or high investment costs. They continue to rely on manual processes, which are easier to scale, especially during seasonal peaks, and do not require significant initial investments.

The human worker remains a key success factor in many logistics operations. But how do you successfully recruit in view of the physically and mentally demanding work in the warehouse? One solution is the use of modern technology assistance systems. Pick-by-Vision, for example, improves worker performance and increases overall worker engagement. There are five primary ways that smart glasses positively impact warehouse work:

1. Ergonomic and fatigue-free information transfer
Humans absorb around 80% of their information through vision. Smart glasses take advantage of this through assisted reality. Thanks to the display on the smart glasses, a warehouse worker has access to all relevant information. Systems and process complexity keep in the background, while information is simply displayed at the edge of the users field of vision. This reduces some of the cognitive and decision-making load from the workers, which prevents rapid fatigue and additional errors.

2. Both hands are always free
The hands-free concept of smart glasses allows workers to use both hands during the entire work process. Unlike a handheld scanner or paper list, the worker never has to put the smart glass aside to lift bulky items out of their storage location. This makes handling boxes and products easier, saving valuable time.

3. Easy communication
Smart glasses enable fast and direct communication to workers in the warehouse. The Picavi Alerting feature enables this: It automatically notifies warehouse control centers or managers about deviations to defined processes. Important messages can be exchanged via push notifications, both visually and audibly, enabling two-way communication between managers and all warehouse workers.

4. Flexibility and usability
Smart glasses can be used as an assistance system for almost any process in the warehouse, including picking, inventory control, packing or to support value-added services. The user interface can be adapted to the respective process. With smart glasses, new employees quickly understand and can execute their daily work.

5. Working with smart glasses is fun
The gamification type approach of a smart glass solution can improve overall employee engagement. Smart glasses help workers perform faster, enable more accuracy and at the same time improve overall ergonomics.

Smart Glasses can be a valuable addition to every warehouse. As an ergonomic and useful assistance system, they support employees in a wide variety of tasks throughout the warehouse. They reduce worker fatigue and can help achievec higher performance levels.

Would you like to learn more about smart glasses in logistics and how they can positively impact your employees cognitively and ergonomically? Click here for our free whitepaper “Smart glasses in logistics”.

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