17. April 2019

Go West: Picavi Expands to the USA

Picavi is planning to serve the major markets in North America more efficiently in the future.

This is the reason why the world-leading provider of the pick-by-vision solution for picking operations in intralogistics launched the US subsidiary known as Picavi U.S. Inc. in February.

A picture of the Chicago Skyline

Picavi, which has its headquarters in Germany, is using this strategic step to press ahead with internationalizing its brand.

The new corporation is not only designed to provide greater proximity to customers in North America, but also accelerate the development of business with an operations center in the USA in the state of Illinois.

Picavi launched its subsidiary in the USA in February this year after a well-known customer in the third-party logistics provider sector agreed to expand its usage of smart glasses at the beginning of 2019; the new corporation will also help Picavi meet the increased level of demand. Carsten Funke, Chief Sales Officer and Partner at Picavi, has taken over the CEO position of Picavi U.S. Inc., which is based in Chicago, Illinois.

“The founding of Picavi U.S. Inc. aims to boost the internationalization of our business development with even greater dynamism. Direct access to markets should not be underestimated and this will help us market our product and process innovations even more effectively in the future,” says Carsten Funke, Chief Executive Officer at Picavi U.S. Inc. He adds, “This will also enable us to make our smart glasses available to customers and partners in the USA and adapt them to the specific warehouse and IT environment. As a result, we’ll be able to live up to our claim of being a full-service provider for our customers to an even greater degree.”

Establishing the necessary structures and the business processes resulting from them will now proceed at high speed. “In the long term, we want Picavi to become the synonym for picking with smart glasses in intralogistics, just as we’ve already managed to do in our home market in Germany,” Carsten Funke continues. “As the prime partner of the X.Company, previous known as Google X and manufacturer of Google Glass, in the field of logistics, we are a preferred user of the latest model of the Glass Enterprise Edition. Therefore we are always be able to offer our customers the best hardware together with the most productive IT solution for everyday warehousing use.”

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