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How Geis increased efficiency by 30% with Picavi

Founded in 1945, the international logistics service provider Geis now employs over 6,800 people and operates a network of 136 sites across Europe. Geis offers its customers a wide and varied portfolio, from truck transport and global sea freight to complex logistics services. In 2019, the company decided to introduce Picavi’s pick-by-vision solution for order picking at its site in Gochsheim near Frankfurt. The project was so successful, it made order picking “as easy as playing a video game.”


“When staff really enjoy their work, it automatically translates into high quality and productivity. (…) Google Glass lets us increase both these factors in the order picking process.”

Marco Weissensel, Head of Logistics at Geis

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Quality and productivity in order picking

At the site in Gochsheim, Geis provides logistics services for the Intersport Group, one of Europe’s largest retailers of sports gear. Picking shoes and clothes is a process that demands the utmost quality. As a result, staff need to be able to work as productively and precisely as possible. The company places particular value on comfort and user-friendliness. After researching the market and making initial contact in the “Digital Warehouse” working group of the German Logistics Association, pick-by-vision specialist Picavi quickly emerged as the best partner for the project.


Pick-by-vision with customized graphic user interface

Picavi’s pick-by-vision solution for logistics is based on the Google Glass Enterprise 2 smart glasses. The company’s experts took care of technical integration, precisely customizing the graphic user interface (GUI) to Geis’ order picking process. The system also uses the Picavi Power Control (PPC), an external battery that also serves as a practical control unit and is worn on a belt. The pick-by-vision system is combined with the Pro Glove Mark 2, a hand-mounted scanner that provides greater flexibility when picking in boxes.

Picavi Heastart Set: Datenbrille, externer Akku, ProGlove Handscanner, User Interface Pick-by-Vision
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Rise in productivity

Happy employees and a 30% rise in productivity

Picavi’s solution has unlocked a massive rise in the speed and quality of order picking, with productivity rising by up to 30%. The smart glasses are also extremely popular among staff, who wear them throughout their entire shift.

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